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Peanut Butter Cow Cheek 5-7"

Introducing Cow Cheek dog treats - the perfect all-natural and delicious reward for your furry friend! Made from 100% natural, easily digestible cow cheeks sourced from Brazil.
Ideal for dogs who love to chew, these treats will keep your pup preoccupied and entertained while also promoting healthy teeth and gums. The firm texture of the chew helps scrape away plaque and tartar, making it a tasty and easy way to support your dog's dental health.
Cow Cheek dog treats are also rich in collagen, a key ingredient that supports joint health, skin elasticity, and a shiny coat. So not only will your dog enjoy the delicious flavor, but they'll also benefit from the health-boosting properties of this tasty treat.
Reward your loyal companion with Cow Cheek dog treats and watch their tail wag with delight. You'll feel good knowing that you're providing them with a natural and healthy treat that they won't be able to resist.